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Michigan is the state at the Midwest, part of a group of states of the North-East Centre. The capital is Lansing. The largest city is Detroit; other cities are Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor. Population is 9.94 million people. A flower is the symbol since 1897 - apple blossoms. Official nickname are: . The Great Lakes State (State of the Great Lakes); . The Wolverine State (State Wolverines); . The Automotive State (State Road); . Water-Winter Wonderland (Country water and winter wonderland) Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, 41.3% of its area falls on the water space and the territory itself consists of two peninsulas - Lower and Upper, connected by a bridge Mackinac (Mackinac Bridge), as well as many islands. Because of the shape, Lower Peninsula is sometimes called "mitten." In the north and east of Michigan borders on Ontario waters of Lakes Superior and Huron, joined St. Mary's River. The land border with Ontario is on deriving from Huron River St. Clair, which flows into Lake St. Clair, and resulting from the St. Clair River Detroit, which flows into Lake Erie. At the south Michigan border with Ohio and Indiana. An the west the lower peninsula is bordered by the waters of Lake Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, and Upper - land of Wisconsin and Lake Superior water - from Minnesota.




Mileage 136,203 Miles


$8,995 $10,995

Mileage 136,378 Miles

King Auto Sales 4
Detroit MI
  • June 27, 2014


$8,195 $8,899

Mileage 81,976 Miles

Pickup Truck


Mileage 118,000 Miles


Mileage 80,400 Miles

Pickup Truck


Mileage 124,577 Miles



Mileage 115,000 Miles


Mileage 82,501 Miles


Mileage 21,753 Miles


Mileage 1 Miles