1991 Bentley Mulsanne XR

Park Ward Motors, IL

209 Cleveland Street Cary, IL 60013
93,700 Miles
6-cylinder, 3.0L V6 CDI DSL
Old Ivory
Model Year

Bentley Mulsanne S - Limited production, , Out of some 10,000 Bentleys built with this body style, only 900 were the Mulsanne S model. Only 47 were delivered to the US in 1991. This is one of those., , Here is a really stunning looking Bentley Mulsanne S finished in Old Ivory with 2-tone biscuit tan (Saddle) Connolly hides with off-white seat piping. , , This Mulsanne S presents with the sportsman package colour combination, saddle tan padded top, chrome alloy wheels and twin headlamps. The car is handsomely finished off with gold twin fine lines to the waist-rails. , , This is the 9th Mulsanne S for the model year 1991. Only 47 x 1991 Mulsanne S cars were delivered new to the USA. This example was delivered new to Terry York Motor Cars Ltd., Encino CA, on 21 Dec 1990. , , The Bentley Mulsanne S is powered by a 6.75 litre Rolls-Royce designed and built V8 engine with the Bosch fuel injecton system and carries with it many of the options featured on the Bentley Turbo R but without the turbo-charger. She is nonetheless quite spritely and is a beautiful cruiser that still exudes that V8 bass growl under power. , , With the Saddle top over the Old Ivory, this is indeed a handsome example. It is the country-mans Bentley and yet looks quite the part in any setting., , A Californian car its whole life, this one is a well maintained example with a good clean Car-fax history. It has recently been thru Park-Wards workshop inspection and preparation process with anything requiring doing attended to accordingly. Mechanically, she is in good shape. Under the bonnet, the presentation is amazing. It has not been precision detailed but simply kept clean and tidy throughout its life., , The cars features and functions are in good order. Electric windows all work well and smooth, central locking, mirrors and all gauges in good operation. Heater blows hot and A-C is ice cold with the climate control working as it should. All interior and exterior lights operate correctly., , The body of the car is straight and the paint deep in lustre and consistency. It does have a few minor little chips, micro-crazing and marks but these are few and only show if one looks hard. Otherwise it is very shiny without any fading, dents or dings. Rubbers, mouldings, badges and external fittings are all in good condition., , The interior on this car is quite stunning. The Connolly leather shows beautifully and is very original. It appears to have been reconnollised and remains very soft and supple without any signs of significant wear. The dark Mahogany straight-grain wood finish throughout, unique to the Mulsanne, is all original and showing virtually no marks. The exception is the 2 front door capping which have some hair-line lacquer cracks in the top surface of the lacquer. Carpets, seats, dash, headlining and fixtures are truly excellent and I best encourage you to look at all the photos to fully appreciate how nicely the interior presents. Other factory fitted features to the car are rear vanity mirrors which were not standard fitment to the Mulsanne., , Tyres are low miles Hankook whitewalls in excellent condition. The chrome alloys are very clean without any scuffs, pitting or fading. The car comes with its correct manual, jack and tools, of course. , , The car is of very high standard and is an easy 9 out of 10 driver rating.

  • Body Style: SEDAN 4-DR