Infiniti Q30 Concept Hatchback Disclosed

Infiniti released official pictures of the conceptual hatchback Q30, which will premiere at the motor show in Frankfurt in September. In the process of creation of this car were used "innovative materials", details of which were not disclosed. According to the forecasts. In a serial production this cars will send in 2015. Infiniti Q30 will compete in the market with the Audi A3, BMW 1-Series and the Volvo V40. Most likely, the new product will be produced at factory in Austria by Magna Steyr.

The compact car built in the image and likeness of the concept Infiniti Etherea. The length of the concept car is 4.4 meters, which corresponds to the dimensions of the car-class golf. The serial version should retain recognizable features of the concept. The main distinguishing feature of this model is hinged rear doors on hinges and the lack of B-pillars.

No technical information about the new car is known but manufacturer said that in designing took an active part Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel.