Tips for Beginners - How to Choose a Used Car?

In modern economic conditions, taking into consideration world financial crisis, most of our customers face the problem when they are not able to obtain a banking credit. That is why, buying a used car becomes the most convenient way, and for some people it is the only possible way, of buying a car. It is not a secret that such bargains are risky, because one can face a lot of problems when the car requires an expensive repairing which can be even more expensive than the cost of the car. In such a manner, one should take it seriously while buying a used car.

What should we pay attention to?

It is clear that there is no point in hurry in such a situation. Take your time, don't make any hasty conclusions. First of all it concerns the situation of definition of a car in night-time or when the artificial consecration isn't good enough. One should remember that a seller wants to sell you a car, and he would do his best to hide different defects.

First of all, when you are examining a car pay your attention to the places where the corrosion can appear. Boot, sills and wheel houses are the most vulnerable for corrosion. One should examine a paint film as well, because some sellers try to conceal traces of accidents or refit of separate elements of a car's body by matching colors. If one examines a car attentively, he would notice it at once. Examine the side-plays between identical elements of a car. Sometimes it can help you to bring to light the refit of these elements.

One should pay attention to the presence of new carriers in a car which testify about the repairing. You should ask the seller, whether the repair was serious. It doesn't matter what he will reply, because this fact gives you a motive to battering and more attentive examination of a car. One should also pay attention to the tires wear, because inequality of tires testifies about the violation of the shape or the balance of the car's body.

After you have examined an outside appearance of the car, you should turn your attention to the pavement or the ground under the car. A big number of cars that are in bad condition can have different leaks of such process liquids as patrol, lube, cooling fluid, water and others. In this way don't buy such a car.

During the next stage, one should examine the engine. First of all it should be without oily stains and spots. Notice that there are no signs of repairing (done by non-professionals) in the construction of packs under the hood. A big number of "experts", without special knowledge about the structure of a car, upgrade different systems and repair failures. One should be attentive while examining driving belts, especially in cars with gasoline-engines, belts of gas distribution mechanism. The belt itself is not very expensive, but the problems that may occur in case of its break, are much more serious and would require a lot of money. That is why, in case you want to buy a car, change these belts by yourself or ask the owner of the car to do this.

Turn your attention to the lateral sides near the engine.If you can find their black stain, it means that such a car has an oil leak from its engine. Broken gasket seal or cylinder multiple head are one of the most serious defects of the engine. As a result it can cause the appearance of admixtures of emulsion in the cooling fluid, and the bubbling of lube. As a rule, such problems may occur after a serious engine overheating.

We don't recommend you to buy such a car, because it would take you a lot of money to repair the engine of the car. One more criteria that would help you to understand the condition of the engine is the lube. Take the gage probe and examine the lube. If it is abnormal, it means that the owner of the car used cheap lube that can cause damage to the engine and its components. Of cause, the engine may work properly, but it wouldn't last too long.

If you don't want your car to burn down, pay your attention to all lights of the car. Check not only main and additional headlights, but also direction lights, brake lights and courtesy light. Malfunction of illumination device can cause serious consequences, up to flame formation, in case there would be a short in your car. At its best, cards of on-board computer would break down.

If you have an opportunity to examine the running gear of the car - do it!However, without special equipment you would be able to examine only shock absorbers. One should press strongly and rhythmically several times the hood, making the effect of rocking. If the hood makes more than one wave after you have stopped pressing it, it means that shock absorbers must be changed. In such a manner, you get an opportunity to bargain with the seller of the car.

During your trial trip turn attention to the brake pedal. To check the brake pedal one should depress the pedal and hold it in such a condition for a minute. If the pedal reaches the floor it means that there are leaks in the braking system of the car. One shouldn't apply force to gearbox. There mustn't be any strange squeals and all that. Check the engine clutch and breaks while driving the car; otherwise you risk spending a lot of money to repair all the malfunctions. Be careful while choosing a car.

Good luck on the roads!