Deception Techniques

In this article, you can find some advises on how to get good money for your “worn” car.
The body of the car is the first thing you see when you are buying a car. Inexperienced sellers think that various moldings, labels and other frills make their cars cooler. Only those, who have pour knowledge about cars can fall for it. By doing this, the owner of the car wants to cover up his car. For example, how one can check the condition of the sills if they are hidden under a plastic overlay? The one who knows such a trick would try to pass by such a car. Therefore, if the body of the car is in a good condition, you should take all these labels off. As for different little scratches, chipped paint, which do not have principled importance – you can leave it. However, you should come up with a convincing legend.

During the next stage customers usually test doors, a hood and a trunk. A customer would find it very strange if a hood and doors, in an almost new car, don’t close at ones, but only with an effort. Cracks on the glass, different shades of paint, different marks of glass, brake lights, headlights and even direction lights are also big disadvantages.

The next stage – check of an engine and a running gear. Inexperienced sellers make sad mistakes on this stage. One of the most common mistakes – desire to change the registration of the odometer. Nevertheless, an expert can check the wear-out of the brake plate and of the front wheels, to understand a real kilometerage of a car.

One more misconception: perfectly clean engine gives a marketable condition to a car. An expert wouldn't believe you that an engine is clean after two years of exploitation, or after the car has covered a distance of 30 – 40 thousands kilometers. This mistake usually superposes another mistake: having washed the engine compartment, inexperienced sellers don’t pay attention to the outside appearance of the running gear. The discrepancy of an ideally clean engine against scab of dirt and oil on the knots of the running gear, would put any customer on a guard. Sometimes you can face with such an amusing incident, when the seller having washed the engine, forgot to wash the quiet corners of his power pack. If you find dirt andscraps of oil in these places – it means that a seller holds back information about his car. Believe me, experts wouldn’t pass by these corners.

In brief, during the pre-sale preparation one should pay attention to these important details, but do not overdo it. I can tell you from my own experience that cars with clean, but not too clean, engine and running gear – have more chances to be sold.

Our consultant complained that nowadays there are fewer suckers, and more knowledgeable customers on the market. Perhaps because inexperienced customers don’t rely on their knowledge, but ask their experienced friends for help in choosing a used car. And that is very wise!

The appearance of a man, who has pour knowledge about all these tricks, in the car market is the rare gift of destiny for auto dealers. And if this sucker is with his woman - it's just a fantastic luck for the regulars of the market. As a rule, women pay more attention to the colour and different gadgets of the car, such as: power windows, music system, etc. And, for some reason, their word becomes decisive in the choice of the car. “That is why, when I see such a couple, I try to please a woman”, - confessed our consultant.

But if you wait for the favor from the fate, you will sale nothing. That is why, while talking to a possible buyer, one should tactically and delicately hinder him from focusing on the examination of the car. Their exists a very usual trick, one can turn customer’s attention to any trifle, little scratch, by telling him a corresponding legend, that explains its origin.
It would pay a decisive role only if you did it in a correct way. Sellers like to tell stories that their dog scratched their car. It seems that all sellers on a market have very naughty dogs that find scratching of their owners' car as a meaning of life.

“While a client is checking an engine, I always have an open bottle with expensive imported motor oil for demonstration. Though I don’t know for sure what is the quality of motor oil which is in the engine of my car”.

One more advice: one should does his best while composing of any legend. Once our consultant was asked a question - if his car eats a lot of oil. He blutered: “It was running from the gage probe, but I fixed it”. When the customer heard it, he was out of the market like a streak. He turned out to be one of those who has good knowledge on cars. If a gage probe is knocked- out – it means that at its best such a car has a foul evaporation system in the base chamber, and at the worst – it features of the imminent overhaul of the engine.

We hope that you will find this material useful not only while selling a car, but also while buying a second-hand car.